Fully Automatic Continous Sandwich Panel Line

Sandwich panels consist of two outer metallic sheets (steel or aluminum) with an insulation core sandwiched between them, bonded with specialized adhesives. Working for over 20 years in line with our tenet "every part from a single source", we offer our clients full sandwich panel Production methods which offer the fitting tools for all Production levels and all handing techniques.
In a typical case of a sandwich panel with each exterior surfaces in sheet steel and an insulating core in polyurethane inflexible foam, the primary section starts mineral wool sandwich panel production line with the sheet decoilers and continues with all the tools for forming the two sheets into the specified shape.

Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Line for the arc down-profile profile bending machine, the machine's two aspect curler is the principle drive curler, three working rolls can also be the principle drive curler, the roller position fastened, two side rollers It's helpful to control the forming means of the profile, and the curler is supplied with the roller system on either side, which is useful to make sure the rolling high quality of the uneven part profile.
We would come soon with more provider for PU Sandwich Panel Line. four)Environmental : Utilizing 141B(or cyclopentane) as foaming agent,as a substitute of carbon chloral-fluoride,making the PU foaming remedy become environmental Production craft. Import quality Eps Cement Sandwich Panel equipped by skilled producers at Global Sources.
The mixed materials are all the time two pores and skin layers (rigid metallic going through materials or flexible skins reminiscent of thin aluminum, paper or membranes, depending on the applying) and a core insulating material. Machine is to make the sandwich panel with the color metal sheet or galvanized sheet and the core of polyurethane discontinuously.

In line with Saip, the line is in operation since January 2018 and has an annual Production capacity of round 1.6 million m2. The panels produced on this line can have lengths starting from 2 - 15 m. Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Line is the automation gear that may repeatedly and effectively produce polyurethane sandwich panels of beautiful and numerous shapes.
Currently in improvement are a number of new products, including Core Insulation Loaders, Lamination Presses, Reduce-Off Items, and Robotic Loading & Unloading Programs. EPS(Expanded polystyrene), nicely often known as Styrofoam, is an efficient thermal insulation with waterproofing.
Precept: Continuous increasing, in a certain body measurement and the steam flow situations, can management the EPS pretest probability density by adjusting the feed velocity and adjusting the height of the machine feed port, in an effort to get decrease bulk density of EPS uncooked material, will make secondary expand”.

In a typical case of a sandwich panel with both exterior surfaces in sheet metal and an insulating core in polyurethane rigid foam, the primary part begins with the sheet decoilers and continues with all the gear for forming the 2 sheets into the desired form.
It is a machine that makes the form of sandwich panel making use of fixed pressure and warmth to the higher and lower metal plate foamed with polyurethane. Above Sandwich Panel Line suppliers embody wholesale Sandwich Panel Line, Sandwich Panel Line from China, India & Worldwide.

For technical or financial causes it could possibly be useful to provide sandwich panels with an insulating core that's already fashioned and gluing it to many different supplies: metal, aluminum, fiberglass, wooden based panels and others. Because of this, steel sandwich parts and insulting panels have lengthy since turn out to be the usual selection for efficiently insulating constructing facades.

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